11 Ways To Save Money During A Remodel

Remodels should not be so stressful. Consider these 11 tips to save money on your upcoming project.

Do your research!

  • The longer you have to make a decision, the longer your remodel is drawn out. Have the layout, design and your overall decisions made ahead of time.

Think long term costs, not just short term savings

  • Don’t go for the cheapest, just because it’s the cheapest. You may find yourself putting more money into long-term maintenance with a cheaper material.

Think strategy

  • Could you reorganize and better equip your kitchen to maximize storage and improve functionality? Probably. Save the hassle and cost of expanding (and knocking down walls) by simply thinking strategically up front. 

Hire a well-connected contractor

  • While you enjoy the obvious perk of experience, a well-known and highly respected contractor is loaded with connections that could save you money in the long run.

Limit recessed lighting fixtures

  • Recessed is not always better, as the labor to install alone can easily rack up your costs. Opt for mounted lighting with the same- or more- wattage.

Two words: Sweat equity

  • Handle your own demolition or the end work (insulation, paint, sand, etc.). Not very comfortable with that? Do the daily clean up after each workday and pick up the materials yourself instead of paying for all those delivery fees.


  • Schedule your remodel during the off season – January to late spring –as summer and fall tend to be busier, meaning higher labor cost and slower deliveries.

To customize, or not to customize?

  • While we all love to have a unique design, customizing equals more money. Ex: custom doors cost from $1,500-$2,500 while stock sizes range from $500-$800. Pick one or two things for your remodel that you customize, you’ll end up appreciating it more!

Don’t move your plumbing

  • Seriously, to rework plumbing to the opposite wall is a huge expense. Additionally, once you're back there, it's best to update the pipes as well (insert more $$). Either pay to make the switch and upgrade the pipes simultaneously, or don’t move it at all.

Don’t get in the way!

  • Keep children, dogs and talkative family members out of the house/way during renovations. Save time by allowing the workers to focus.

Always plan on being over budget

  • You’d rather plan for the worst and end up with money left over versus being sorely unprepared.