Last Minute Holiday Prep

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, are you ready?

Prep your home for the upcoming holiday and enjoy a stress-free day.


1) Thoroughly clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry with unused and/or expired items. Leave no corner untouched. 

2) Thoroughly clean out your cabinets and take stock of your inventory- do you have enough cookware, plates, forks, etc.? Don't forget the food storage containers!


3) Take your appliances for a test run- do they heat up quickly and evenly? Don't forget to clean them (scrub, scrub, scrub)!

4) Expand out of the kitchen now and take inventory of any supplies you need to stock your home for all those additional guest. 

5) No later than four days out, wash your linens and cookware. Store in a dry, clean location.

6) Go shopping. You should already have non-perishables, but better late than never. Don't forget spices!

7) Know when to thaw your turkey. Rule: 24 hours for every 4 pounds. Set a reminder as this step is crucial!

8) If you have children on the guest list, make sure your home is child proof. Cover outlets, unplug cords and invest in a baby gate if you have stairs. 


9) Don't forget to decorate! Set the atmosphere by incorporating warm colors and cozy decoration. If you have a centerpiece in mind, set it all out the night before. 

10 Check out this infographic on how much you should buy for the meal. Remember that leftovers are better than running out of food!

11) Check out these infographics for how to thaw/cook/carve your main attention (turkey).

Let us know what else you do to prep for a stress-free holiday!

Photo: IKEA Hosting Guide